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About Us

What is Act Out?

Act Out are English Theatre Workshops for children from 4 to 12 years old.

Our method of teaching English is through Theatre.

Theatre is a wonderful educational tool when it comes to helping children with confidence and self-esteem. In a spontaneous and enjoyable manner, theatre connects children with the world of the Arts. Theatre also welcomes self-reflection and expression by enabling children to laugh, cry, and experience the different emotions that life has to offer. At the same time, theatre allows children to think, participate and enjoy the world around them. Our areas of focus are interpersonal communication skills and individual expression. In Act Out, children learn to overcome shyness and improve their concentration. All workshops are in English thus giving children the opportunity to practice and further their knowledge of the language in an atmosphere full of fun activities and games.


In Act Out, we play theatre games based on improvisation, teamwork, concentration, music, and dance so that children can learn and also have fun. Our main objective is to improve children’s confidence when speaking English, their concentration and show them what they are capable of achieving.


At the end of each semester, the children perform an original musical in English so their parents and friends can come and see for themselves how much their children have learned.


We invite your children to come in and Act Out!

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Anthony Rotsa

Founder and Principal Monitor

Anthony Rotsa is a British actor who was born and raised in London, England by Greek Cypriot parents. He has experience in mainstream theatre, feature film, and television and is fluent in both English and Greek; he also speaks Spanish to a high conversational level.


His first ever performance was at the age of 8 at his primary school; Albany School in Enfield where he performed a short silent comedy with his identical Twin brother Michael. (Who is also an actor). From the age of 8 he knew he wanted to be a performer.


Anthony graduated from Middlesex University in 2006 with a BA Hons degree in Drama and Theatre Studies. His selected modules included: Shakespeare, live stand up comedy, and physical theatre. This training lead Anthony to form a small amateur company which had its debut performance at the Theatro Technis in Camden, London. Two years later he performed at London’s first ever trade show for actors; ActorExpo2008 with an ensemble devised physical theatre piece called Violently Happy.


Soon after, his career jump-started with theatre tours in England and Germany, such as an outdoor theatre performance of Kenneth Grahame’s Wind In The Willows and a touring performance of Harold Pinter’s Betrayal.


In 2009, Anthony joined Face2Face Theatre in Madrid, Spain. His Spanish theatre debut took place in the prestigious Teatro Alcázar where he played the roles of Oberon, Lysander, and Flute in an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream.


Film and television have also played a part in Anthony’s career.  Damien was one of his first and most influential short films, where he received first hand training in screen combat.


He has also had the opportunity to work on various television and Internet commercials for Volkswagen, a spot for the British Army as a Middle Eastern Insurgent and a pilot called Choose shot in Madrid.


Furthermore with his twin brother Michael, he had the opportunity in working on various twin commercials for, KPN a leading Dutch telecommunications company in Holland, a live exhibition in Paris for Alcatel Lucent and recently a TV commercial for FORD In Turkey.


His most recent achievements in film have been: A remake of the horror classic VAMPYRES with director Victor Matellano, Ridley Scott’s movie EXODUS: Gods and Kings and Terry George’s THE PROMISE.


He is now officially with his agent, Mucho Arte Management in Spain and maintains his home base in London as well, this allows him to travel back and forth depending on where his work takes him.

Verónica Polo

Coordinator and Auxiliary Monitor

Veronica is a Spanish/ American actress, born in Texas but raised in both Spain and the U.S.


In 2006 she received her BFA in Theatre from Sam Houston State University. A month before graduating she was cast in Stages Repertory Theatre’s ‘Lystrata’ in Houston. That same year, she went on to tour ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ as Catalina with the Mainstreet Theatre Company.


After her tour finished, she moved back to Madrid, and got cast as a company member for Face2Face Theatre starring in the musicals ‘Drockula’ , ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ and ‘A Midsummer’s Night Dream’ in the Alcázar Theatre.


Veronica went on to take over the role of Penelope for over 2 years in the musical ‘Mi Madre, Serrat y Yo’. For the past 2 seasons she has worked in the innovative new theatre project ‘Micro Musical’ with the MicroTheatre and Stage Entertainment, performing the box office hits ‘Por Culpa del Amor’ and ‘La Chica de la Curva’.


In 2014 she was cast as Sarah Stone in the musical ‘No Way To Treat a Lady’ and currently she is starring in the new musical ‘Tras El Telón’ in the Alfil Theatre.


In TV and Film her most recent work includes 2 seasons on ‘Avatars’ (Disney Channel) and the 3 upcoming films ‘Vampyres’, ‘Wild Oats’ and Nickelodeon’s Western “Lost in The West”.

Do you want your children to learn English in a fun and dynamic way?

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